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Multi Adjustable Bench

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Multi-adjustable weights bench. Adjustable from -10° to +80° (in 7 steps)

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Full Description

The Multi-Adjustable Bench is ideal for any commercial gym or for home use.

With a range of movement of the backrest from -10° to +80° (in 7 steps) enable incline, flat, and decline workouts allowing users to target specific muscle groups.

The bench comes with black, high-quality upholstery, a silver, matt metallic frame, and the moving parts are identified clearly by a bold red metallic finish (red accent not shown on the above image) with yellow handles.

The seat has 5 levels of adjustment angling upwards giving more support as the backrest inclines.

The bench comes with two transportation wheels and also has a large handle making relocation of the bench easy and safe.

The bench also has feet covers which protect the bench and the floor from any damage.