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Multi-height practice net

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Full length or full width practice nets designed to suit any length or width of sports hall for group volleyball or badminton practice

Price from: £926.00
Price from: £926.00

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Full length multi-height practice net arrangement.

This item which has been particularly popular in Scotland for many years provides an extremely useful and cost effective addition to any sports hall.

This arrangement gives the additional flexibility of allowing four practice volleyball games to take place simultaneously.

The arrangement provides an adjustable height practice net along the full length of the sports hall to enable practice for the following activities:

  • Men's volleyball
  • Women's volleyball
  • Junior volleyball
  • Badminton

The package of equipment is bespoke to each hall as it is designed in accordance with the exact length of the hall.

  • For a typical four badminton court hall, 33m in length, we provide:
  • Two fully demountable wall fixed posts (fixed to a suitable wall by Continental installation engineers)
  • Three wheelaway freestanding (or floor fixed) telescopic double sided intermediate posts
  • One steel headline netting arrangement incorporating four volleyball nets with strainer screws at both ends to tension the headline

As standard we offer 5 typical arrangements to suit the following:

  • TYPE 4: 4-badminton court hall (2 wall fixed posts, 3 intermediate posts)
  • TYPE 3: 3-badminton court hall (2 wall fixed posts, 2 intermediate posts)
  • TYPE 2: 2-badminton court hall (2 wall fixed posts, 1 intermediate post)
  • TYPE 1W: Wide widthways (2 wall fixed posts with 2 additional courtside support posts)
  • TYPE 1N: Narrow widthways (2 wall fixed posts with no additional support posts)

The package is flexible and can deal with any length of hall and can also be provided to give the flexibility to use two of the nets across the width of the hall. If you require a price for a bespoke situation, please contact our sales team who can advise on the arrangement and price.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the wall fixed posts are demountable and MUST be removed when the system is not in use to remove the risk of collision with users of the hall.