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OUB1 Upper Body Trainer

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Upper body Nordic / cross-country skiing trainer

Price from: £1,000.00
Price from: £1,000.00

Full Description

The OUB1 Upper Body Trainer offers users a challenging full body workout that can be applied as a standalone cardio feature or as an exciting component in circuits and high-intensity training sessions.

The OUB1 draws inspiration from the biomechanics associated with Nordic or cross-country skiing; two incredibly demanding disciplines as anyone who has tried them can confirm. The movement recruits all major muscle groups and similar to rowing; requires smooth technique, and cardiovascular endurance combined with a powerful pull to spin the flywheel.

Using a magnetic resistance system, users can adjust the machine to suit the strength of their own stroke. Effort and performance can both be monitored on the LCD console which offers 15 pre-programmed workouts and a built in heart rate receiver.

The Upper Body Trainer is available in two types to suit your gym:

  • With a wall mounting kit
  • Free standing with wheels for easy transportation

All these features make the OUB1 a great option for gyms looking to bring something different to their cardio space or add a new challenge into their high intensity or group training sessions.

The price INCLUDES two additional attachments to add extra movement options for users and increase the variety offered by the OUB1:

  • Pro Oar Bar
  • Pull Bar