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Outdoor sunken trampoline - Kids Tramp "Playground"

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Kids Tramp "Playground". Outdoor recessed / sunken playground trampoline. Available in two sizes.

Price from: £2,809.19
Price from: £2,809.19

Full Description

We are delighted to bring you this new recessed / sunken playground trampoline for kids. This playground trampoline offers great fun with safety included by design.

Garden trampolines are potentially dangerous and must always be used by children under supervision. This new playground trampoline is certified to DIN EN 1176 which means it can safely be used by children in unsupervised and freely accessible areas - just like other playground equipment.

The Kids Tramp "Playground" is sold on a supply only basis for easy installation into a pit created by others. It is completely assembled on delivery and all that is needed is to glue the bonded impact protection onto the frame (sold separately) and set it into a pit.

The Kids Tramp is available in two sizes:

  • 1.5m x 1.5m with a bed 107cm x 107cm and 36 steel springs
  • 2.0m x 2.0m with a bed 156cm x 156cm and 56 steel springs

The webbing bed incorporates a unique 6-loop steel wire reinforcement which offers vandalism resistance and ensures the trampoline is suitable for unattended playgrounds.

Some form of edge impact protection is necessary around the perimeter of the trampoline. We recommend a set of rubber crumb tiles with a rounded edge positioned next to the jumping area, that can easily be glued down to the edge of the trampoline. These are sold as an option (see the drop down box next to the price) because some customers which to incorporate their own protection - perhaps the trampoline is being integrated as part of a playground with a consistent safety surface throughout. Beyond that edge protection we recommend an area of sand, grass or woodchip.

Please see the video below showing the Kids Tramps in action: