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Performance tampolines

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Performance trampolines for coaching and hi-level trampolining in a trampoline park


Full Description

Continental Sports has manufactured competition trampolines for some 40 years. We also manufacture our own competition webbing beds in-house on our custom made tensioned looms.

Our performance trampolines are used in gymnastics training facilities, sports halls, trampolining clubs, schools, and now trampoline parks.

We are the ONLY manufacturer in the world which manufactures in-house all the elements you need for performance trampolining in a trampoline park:

  • Genuine trampoline gymnastics performance trampolines
  • Webbing beds in a range of colours (white, black, orange, blue, yellow, red and any other colour on special order) and widths (13mm or 6mm as standard)
  • FIG (Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique) certified landing matting to surround the trampolines

When we supply a performance trampoline to a trampoline park we provide one of our genuine stand-alone performance trampolines - normally our 99 Series club model trampoline - so that you get proper trampoline performance. Some park suppliers provide a similar system to their park trampolines but larger with more springs - it is very difficult to ensure genuine cometition performance from such a system.

We recess the competition trampolines in platforms / podiums so that the floor is level with the top surface of the surrounding area that we cover in FIG certified 200mm thick carpet surface landing matting.

Trampolines can be arranged individually, or side by side, and we can supply and install trampoline spotting rigs with agility or twisting belts if you have a suitably qualified trampolining coach to teach trampolining.