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PitZone Mat

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PitZone mat. Inflatable mat to provide firmer landings in a foam filled dismount pit. Also perfect when used in Freestyle and Parkour as a "tricking floor"

Price from: £2,694.00
Price from: £2,694.00

Full Description

The PitZone mat from PE Redskaber is an innovation in gymnastics equipment. The mat has three totally different uses:

Firmer pit landings - It is designed to be placed on top of a foam filled dismount pit to provide a firmer landing enabling transition training between landing in the foam and landing on dismount mats.

Tricking - When used on a hard (smooth) floor such as a sports hall floor or on an artistic sprung floor it becomes a fun "tricking" floor for practising Freestyle Gymnastics or Parkour moves

Tumbling - On an artistic sprung floor it is a larger version of an airtrack for training artistic gymnastics tumbling.

Supplied in grey with black sides, the PitZone mat is available in two sizes - both 22cm thick:

  • 5m x 3m
  • 6m x 4m

A Hitachi blower (available at additional cost) is required to inflate the PitZone mat.

The video below shows how the PitZone mat can be used to provide a more solid landing on a foam filled dismount pit to train for the transition to a matted landing: