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Post padding for "Match" model volleyball posts (PAIR)

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Pair of post pads to suit Continental's "Match" model volleyball posts. Available in 28 plain colours or fully digitally printed with your club, school, or university logo!

Price from: £424.00
Price from: £424.00

Full Description

PVC covered heavy duty foam post pads with an internal fabric lining to protect the posts, to suit Continental's "Match" model vollyeball posts.

These pads suit Continental's "Match" model volleyball posts as one of the pads in each pair is complete with a cut-out to enable the post-fixed "Match" model umpire stand to be attached to the post while the padding is in situ.

These pads are attached using the integral VELCRO® fasteners. 

The pads are available in a wide range of PVC colours. The fasteners are not available in all colours of PVC so we will provide fasteners in the best complementary colour available (which may be black, grey or white in some instances) - if VELCRO® fastener colour is important to you please confirm the colour availability prior to ordering.

We manufacture the padding in red PVC as standard but it is available in any of our wide range of PVC colours.

The padding is also available in fully digitally printed PVC with any images you require such as logos, straplines, graphics, photographs etc. We do not provide design work so you will need to submit artwork in our specified format: A vector graphics format (e.g. pdf) in a ratio of 2500mm x 1000mm (with a visible area of 1865mm x 425mm. The image can cover the entire larger area, but only this smaller area will be visible when the padding is attached - although you should extend the background colour over the entire larger area to ensure plain white PVC is not visible). The graphic file must include the background colour you require as we simply print the image on white PVC. If you order digitally printed post pads we will contact you to arrange the artwork.

Price shown is for a PAIR of pads to suit two posts

PLEASE NOTE: The images show the base of the post covered with Continental's "Match" volleyball post base padding which is SOLD SEPARATELY and is NOT INCLUDED with the post pads