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Re-stitch / repair webbing trampoline beds

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Re-stitch / repair webbing trampoline beds

Trampoline web bed repair / re-stitch. Available on all makes of bed - Continental, Nissen, Ceetex, Unitramp and others

Price from: £298.00
Price from: £298.00

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Continental have 3 bespoke trampoline bed weaving and sewing machines and are therefore one of a very small number of companies that can manufacture trampoline beds.

We can use this capability to repair your web bed to lengthen its life and delay the time that you need a replacement bed.

We can repair and re-stitch beds with webbing thicknesses of 25mm, 13mm and 6mm. We consider that 4mm wide webbing cannot be repaired.

To have your bed repaired / re-stiched please place your order here.  When you received your order confirmation reference number, please write it on a covering letter or tag and attach it to your bed (or print out a copy of your order confirmation).  Then please remove the bed (if you need a spring removal tool to remove / reinstall your bed please purchase one here) and send the bed to:

Attn: Maintenance Manager
Continental Sports Ltd
Hill Top Road

On receipt we will check the bed can be repaired, undertake the work and return it to you.

Usual wear and tear requiring re-stitching is possible, as is replacement of a small amount of webbing. Sometimes the bed has reached the end of its life and replacement is the only option.  If we find that this is the case, we will contact you and discuss the options.  If you do not wish to proceed we will credit your payment and return the bed to you.

Please note that Continental offer a collect and re-install service for trampoline bed repairs.  Please contact us for prices for that service.