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Resi-pits. Designed for falling onto from adventure, ninja and obstacle course elements, rather than dismounting into from trampolines.


Full Description

Trampoline parks from Continental Sports LtdWhen designing a cushioned landing area from an element such as an adventure park, a ninja course or an obstacle course, the depth and cushioning effect of an airbag pit or a foam dismount pit may not be necessary. In such cases a shallower pit may be suitable.

A landing area from these elements can be seen as a pit for "landing on", rather than "dismounting into".

Continental Sports manufactures and installs two types of pits for the purpose of landing on:

  • Resi-pits
  • Fully foam filled pits - see here for more details

A resi-pit has perimeter edge padding - 75mm thick chipfoam upholstered in PVC to reduce the risk of injury from impacts with the 90º edge of the pit. Resi-pits are manufactured from large blocks made from a sheet of foam at the top and bottom and a network of perpendicular foam logs arranged in a mesh format to provide a large number of air gaps within the mat. This is the same construction we use for high jump and pole vault landing mats. Those blocks are covered on top and bottom with PVC and on the sides with UltraMesh to allow the air to escape from the air gaps. The air gaps soften what would otherwise be a hard foam block.

The resi-mat can be left as a series of blocks - approximately 2.5m x 2.5m - that sit in the landing area pit adjacent to each other. Alternatively we recommend putting a Velcro® perimeter on the resi-blocks to allow a SoftTouch top sheet (like the ones we use on airbag dismount pits) to be attached. The SoftTouch top sheet can be fully digitally printed with your park logo, a photo, text or any other digital artwork.