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Retractable punchbags

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Retractable punchbags for trampoline parks - a unique Continental Sports innovation


Full Description

Trampoline parks from Continental Sports LtdThe perfect addition to a dodgeball court - but also fine for use on a main jumping area - Continental Sports has developed a system of electrically winched hoistable retractable punchbags.

When lowered the bags provide an attractive addition to your fitness classes - bouncing boxercise!

Simple keyfob remote control lowers the punchbags to the correct height and then raises them safely into the roofspace, clear of other activities.

A VELCRO® attached removable section of the frame pad is removed to expose a fixing to secure the base of the punchbags when in use.

PLEASE NOTE: Secondary steelwork is likely to be needed to be installed in the roofspace above the location of the bags as well as a 13amp power supply to the winch(es)