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Roof mounted hauling / storage cradle

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Roof mounted electrically winched hauling and storage cradles 

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Roof mounted electrically winched hauling and storage cradles manufactured with steel bracketry and an aluminium truss structure with a PVC storage area in a wide range of colours to suit your facility. These cradles are used for:

  • cricket practice netting or sports hall division netting which needs to be lifted above windows or other obstacles in the end walls of a sports hall or in areas in front of viewing galleries to prevent the stored netting blocking the view of the sport
  • gymnastic soft play shapes or similar lightweight gymastics and play items - to store such items in the roof space to free up space in the gym.

These cradles are operated by means of a heavy duty 3-phase electrical winch with a wall fixed control panel. 3-phase power is therefore necessary.

Storage / hauling cradles must either be fixed to primary structural steelwork or secondary steelwork provided for the purpose.

The video below shows three double bay cricket netting hauling cradles in operation at King's College School, Wimbledon: