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Sandbags for any fitness environment in a range of colour-coded weights

Price from: £67.00
Price from: £67.00

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Sandbags specifically designed to withstand the most rigorous of workouts.

Use Sandbags to improve all muscle groups and develop strength, balance, and endurance as part of a complete training programme. The versatility of these products allows highly dynamic movements which recruit and activate large muscle groups.

High-quality manufacturing allows the bags to be used in high traffic functional training spaces without fear of ripping or tearing. Two side handles and a single central handle allows users to use a traditional grip or utilise for single arm movements or even farmers walks.

Colour coded weight increments allow for quick and easy identification.

Sandbags can also be used in any fitness environment including functional training areas, general fitness clubs, MMA, Boxing Clubs and CrossFit Gyms.

  • Durable "go-easy" material provided durability and strength
  • Eyelets on end ensure air flow to alleviate pressure within the bag, further improving longevity
  • Double stitched handles
  • Inner reconstituted foam core with a heavy duty nylon velcro bag with a water resistance outer bag ensures no sand leakage