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SPIETH - Freestanding uneven bars "Club"

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"Club" freestanding uneven (asymmetric) bars from Spieth Gymnastics 

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Full Description

This radical new design of freestanding uneven bars from Spieth results in a set of uneven bars that are extremely stable and suitable for virtually any exercise. The bars meet all dimensional norms specified by the FIG for uneven bars.

The bars are perfect for clubs in leisure centres where bars have to be taken in and out of storage for use. The integral wheels enable the bars to be wheeled easily and quickly, and once the feet are extended the unit is extremely stable.

The new design has many features including:

Height adjustment:

  • High bar: 218 to 266 cm in 5cm increments
  • Low bar: 143 to 193 cm in 5cm increments
  • Width: 130 to 205 cm measured diagonally in 5cm increments

The bars can easily be adjusted with one hand due to integral hydraulic assistance

The bars are supplied unassembled in a wooden crate measuring 255x132x36 cm for straightforward self-assembly. If this does not fit through the door, it will be delivered outside. Total weight 306 kg.

If you need these bars because you don't currently have floor anchors then you can still use these bars in the future - the bars are compatible with a standard set of Spieth cables and tension clamp so you can use the bars floor anchored in the future.