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SPIETH - MultiMat for balance beam

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The multipurpose MultiMat by Spieth

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Full Description

The Spieth MultiMat is a multipurpose mat designed to be ideal for training for the balance beam and parallel bars.

The MultiMat is a soft safety mat with a high level of shock absorption and is made from high quality memory foam with an elastic stretch cover. This construction reduces the forces on the body & joints during the landing.

The Spieth MultiMat measures 1.5m x 1m x 15mm thick.

The MultiMat has good grip on one side and anti-slip on the other side


  • Soft stretch cover: soft feeling and provides good grip for landings
  • Excellent soft foam with a high shock absorption level
  • Anti-slip bottom for good positioning
  • Adapts easily to the apparatus on which it is positioned
  • Also suitable for many other methodical exercises