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SPIETH - Vario balance beam "Maxi"

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The "Maxi" is a wide training balance beam. 200mm wide - Double the width of a standard beam

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Full Description

The Maxi wide beam from Spieth is 20cm wide rather than the standard 10cm wide.

This facilitates methodical training on a ‘Soft Top’ beam to help learn complex moves, with the reassurance of a wider area to land on but exactly the same feel as a standard beam

  • width 20 cm
  • for simple progression from a low beam to a high one
  • suitable for learning new elements at height
  • 500x20 cm (lxw)
  • height adjustment: 50 to 90 cm per 10 cm, 90 to 130 cm per 5 cm
  • Feet remain in position upon height adjustment
  • Mats can be left safely in place at any height