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Sports hall viewing gallery protection netting

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Viewing gallery protection netting - prevent balls, shuttlecocks and similar leaving a sports hall and entering the viewing gallery.


Full Description

We manufacture and install viewing galley protection nets for sports hall viewing or waiting areas.

These nets prevent projectiles leaving the field of play and entering the viewing area. This reduces the risk of injury to spectators and reduces downtime from players having to retrieve balls or shuttlecocks.

We can install viewing gallery protection nets so that they are:

  • Permanent on cables - fixed to taught steel cables to the perimeter. This method is necessary if there is no perimeter structure that the netting can be secured to using laths.
  • Permanent trapped by laths - one or two part timber laths fixed to the perimeter of the netting trap the netting to the edge. This is the preferred method to provide a neater finish by keeping the edges of the netting square to the perimeter.
  • Retractable - top edge is fixed to runners in an aluminium trackway, with the bottom edge either loose (which risks billowing and balls getting under the net) or weighted using removable "sausage weights" or temporarily secured using VELCRO® Fasteners.

We can use a variety of netting types to suit the requirements:

  • 50mm square mesh to stop cricket balls size projectiles and larger - this is the most typical mesh size
  • 22mm square mesh to stop golf ball size projectiles and larger
  • 100mm square mesh to stop football size projectiles and larger

Mesh is available in white, blue, green, black with other colours subject to availability.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This type of netting is not fall arrest netting for personal projection - it is to stop balls entering the gallery area, not to stop people falling from viewing areas - and Building Regulations compliant edge protection must be installed below any such protection netting