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Sports hall wall padding

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Padding of walls in sports halls to mitigate impact risk when playing sport


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Traditionally walls at the end of basketball courts have been padded in USA sports halls for many years. This mitigates the risk of players tripping and impacting the ball while running towards the end wall whilst looking at the basket and slam dunking. Increasingly UK sports halls require this additional protection to their users.

Sport England guidance is to have smooth flat walls in a sports hall but often older legacy buildings have internal columns or walls that are contrary to this guidance. The residual risks can often be mitigated by the use of wall padding.

We can manufacture pads in a range of thicknesses - some installations would require thicker pads at the ends of the hall for direct impacts and thinner pads designed for glancing angled blows along the side walls.

We have padded huge numbers of rooms and are here to advise you on the most appropriate padding for your building, the level and type of sports played and your anticipated user groups. Please call our sales team for a discussion.

We manufacture padded walls in a range of 28 colours of PVC and can print full colour digitally printed images to show facility logos, motiviational statements, branding straplines - and anything else for which you can provide a digital image.