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Super SAM Multi-Adjust

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Schelde Super SAM MultiAdjust portable basketball backstop. Adjustable projection of either 325cm for show-court or 245cm for side-court


Full Description

The innovative Super SAM MultiAdjust with an adjustable projection enables main court use with FIBA level 1 certification and a projection of 325cm and re-configuration for cross-court use with a 245cm projection at FIBA Level 3 certification.

Super SAM MultiAdjust is supplied as a complete unit with adjustable projection 325 cm - 245 cm and is certified to FIBA Level 1 when in the 325cm projection set-up. Please note that adjustment between the two projections requires a socket set.

The goal features:

  • Spring Assisted Mechanism for one-person set-up
  • Dynamic Stability Frame ("DSF") one-step set-up system
  • Tempered glass backboard;
  • 180° multidirectional breakaway ring
  • Anti-whip net
  • Safety padding to front, sides, backboard and neck in standard Schelde blue colour;
  • Floor connector set and floor hook are included (installation extra)

There are various options / versions of this goal available:

  • Manual DSF instead of automatic DSF (needed for certain hall lengths)
  • Extra ballast weight. Needed if the unit cannot be floor fixed
  • Padding is included in Schelde blue, but is available as an option in black, red, orange, yellow or green
  • Shotclock brackets (2 or 4 sided shot clocks)
  • Additional ballast in the base if floor anchoring is not possible
  • LED strip on the backboard (compatible scoreboard system is required)

Hall length

Portable basketball goals with large projections are by necessity very large. They require a large space behind the baseline of the court to accomodate the body of the goal so it is essential that you ensure your hall is large enough to accomodate the units before you order them. There will be a significant re-stocking charge (or potentially no possibilty to return the goals) if you order portable goals and discover on delivery they do not fit.

Please refer to the table below to determine if this goal fits in your facility and also any modifications that are necessary to accommodate it. The lengths given assume your basketball court is a standard 28m (between the inside of the baselines) and it is centrally located along the length of the hall. If you have a shorter court or the court is offset then please contact us for bespoke calculations:

Hall length (for 325cm projection)

Hall length (for 245cm projection)


< 36.0m < 34.4m DOES NOT FIT
36.0m - 36.5m 34.4m - 34.9m Goal fits, but side anchoring is required
> 36.5m > 34.9m Goal fits with standard anchoring
36.0m - 38.5m 34.4m - 36.9m Manual rather than automatic DSF is necessary
> 38.5m > 36.9m Goal fits with automatic DSF and standard anchoring