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TEAM JOOLA "School" table tennis bats

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TEAM JOOLA SCHOOL table tennis bat for learning and development. SOLD IN PACKS OF 6 BATS

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Full Description

The TEAM JOOLA School table tennis bat is a great learner’s bat, sporting ERGO grip technology in its straight handle and using selected plywood in its five-ply blade.

A thin layer of sponge (1.2 mm) allows for just the right amount of spin and speed for a learning player

The ideal table tennis bat for school table tennis sessions and PE lessons

Data Sheet

Use: Indoor
Category: Learner
Quality: 3-star
Handle shape: Flared
Approval: Not ITTF approved
Veneers: 5
Wood technology: Ergo Grip
Sponge thickness: 1.2
Spin: 70
Control: 95
Speed: 60
Weight (g): 122

PLEASE NOTE: We sell table tennis bats in sixes. The price per unit is therefore the price for 6 bats