Lockers - mild steel colour chart

Our mild steel lockers are stove enamelled in a range of attractive colours with a wide choice of colour combinations to suit your facility. Please note that we do not recommend steel lockers in wet changing areas.

Please note that colours marked with * are premium colours and have a minimum order quantity of 10 lockers.

When choosing colours, please select one colour for the carcasses, and then from one to four colours for the doors - if you choose more than one door colour, we can arrange your colour choices in a number of ways:

1) Chequerboard (alternating two colours)

2) Stripes (each bank is one colour and the adjacent bank a different colour)

3) Entirely random (for three or more colours we can create a random pattern)

Metal locker colours for carcasses and doors

Light grey Flint grey Poppy red Irish green

Light grey

Flint grey

Poppy red

Irish green

Reef green Glacier green Cornflower blue Iris blue

Reef green*

Glacier green*

Cornflower blue

Iris blue

Desert sand Black Silver Jaffa

Desert sand*


Silver (Clear lacquered steel)*


Purple heather Daffodil Pine green White

Purple heather*


Pine green*


Pearl Bitter chocolate Graphite (textured)  


Bitter chocolate*

Graphite (Textured)*


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