Vertical divider screen colours

Increasingly popular, vertically retractable divider curtains / screens / walls are available in the following colour options:

Single skin curtains

These curtains feature a single layer with the bottom section (typically 2.5m-3m) of PVC with a top section of scrim / mesh material above. 
Vertical divider curtain - beige PVC Vertical divider curtains - green/blue PVC
Beige PVC Blue / grey / green PVC
Vertical divider curtains - white scrim Vertical divider curtains - black scrim
White scrim Black scrim
If you require an alternative PVC or scrim colour for a divider curtain then these are available at a surcharge which depends on the size of the screen - please contact us for a quotation.

Double skin walls / screens

These walls / screens feature two layers of full height PVC / fleece coated PVC with a gap between the walls (450mm - 650mm gap)
Vertical acoustic curtains / divider walls beige PVC Vertical acoustic curtains / divider walls geen/blue PVC
Beige PVC Blue / grey / green PVC
Vertical acoustic curtains / divider walls acoustic fleece PVC  
Fleece coated PVC  
The minimum order quantity for the PVC and fleece coated PVC in non-standard colours to suit double skinned acoustic divider walls is substantial and unlikely to be economically viable and is also only available on an extended lead time. If you require a special colour please call to discuss your requirements so that we can indicate the potential additional cost and delay.
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