Roof mounted retractable basketball goals

Roof retractable basketball goalsWe manufacture a range of roof mounted basketball goals that retract into the roof space for storage. Our most popular single stem goal features a single boom that hinges at the back and in play is ideally 60 (but up to 65 where needed) degrees from the horizontal.

If there are particular space issues in your facility that mean our standard goal does not fit, we have a range of alternative backward or forward folding goals and trackway mounted goals for specific situations.

All of these basketball goals are mounted onto secondary steelwork installed by the Main Contractor. The drawings available here show generic details of our steelwork requirements and the exact height, length and location depends on the specific aspects of your facility so please do not install any secondary steelwork prior to confirmation that it is suitable so we can ensure you have correctly interpreted our drawings.

The most common problem we encounter with sports hall design is facilities that want to specify roof mounted basketball goals but do not build the building high enough to accomodate the secondary steelwork and folded goal above their clear height requirement. We have shown on SH-02 the minimum heights that the secondary steelwork must be installed to allow for the two most common clear height targets of 7600mm and 9100mm. Please also note that for electrically winched goals we mount the winch on the steelwork and the steels must therefore be hung below the rafters in the hall with space above for mounting of the winch.

For electrically operated goals we offer two options of winch:

  • two remote control single-phase electric winches (one per goal)
  • one high performance ultra-heavy duty 3-phase winch with wired control which operates both goals simultaneously.

If a 3-phase winch is preferred, clear space must therefore be left between the goals in the roof to allwo the hauling cable to span between the goals.

Please refer to our electrically operated basketball goal information pack for more information on the necessary electrical provision.

We always recommend our usual single boom type goals, but for special circumstances we also offer electrically operated forward or rearward folding goals as shown on SH-10 - these goals cannot be handwinched due to the excessive gearing that would be necessary to make them manageable by hand.

If you require hand winched roof mounted basketball goals we offer these as shown on drawing SH-04. We strongly advise against these goals as the gearing needed to enable such heavy goals to be operated by hand requires a time consuming amount of effort. The winches must also be fixed so that the bottom arc of the handle is above 2mm off the finished floor level. This means the operator must stand on a chair, box or step ladder to operate the goals which is often frowned upon on health and safety grounds.

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SH-02 - Roof retractable basketball goals
Single stem, electrically winched, roof / ceiling mounted retractable basketball goals general arrangement
SH-10 - Folding roof retractable basketball goals
Forward and backward folding roof / ceiling mounted basketball goals used in some situations if single stem goals do not fit in the hall
SH-04 - Hand-winched roof retractable basketball goals
Roof / ceiling mounted retractable basketball goals operated by manual hand winches