Standard Forms

We have collated a number of standard forms that we require customers to complete in certain instances.

Certain of these forms will be provided by Continental on confirmation of your order, or by the installation engineers when they arrive on site, but we have included copies here so that you can easily retrieve them rather than wait for us to provide additional copies.

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Underfloor Disclaimer Letter
If your confirmation confirms the existence of underfloor heating, we will provide all the information you require to show you where we intend to drill, but as you have underfloor heating we must rely on your instruction as to whether or not it is safe to drill where we intend to drill. In those circumstances we therefore require that you copy the text of this letter onto your letterhead prior to us arranging to come to site to install your equipment.
Underfloor Heating Confirmation
This is required to be completed by the site agent / head teacher / caretaker prior to us commencing installation of any product that necessitates Continental drilling into your floor. We need confirmation that there is no underfloor heating (or otherwise) as we are unable to detect it prior to commencing work