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Tennis scoreboard

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Electronic scoreboard for tennis. Indoor and outdoor versions. With or without programmable player names

Price from: £2,426.00
Price from: £2,426.00

Full Description

These electronic scoreboards for tennis are suitable for indoors or outdoors, and can be permanently wall mounted or moved on the optional trolley to and from courtside for major events.

The scoreboards are available in two versions:

  • With programmable player names
  • Without player names

The scoreboards display the following information:

  • Score: 2 x 2 red LED digits (16 cm): 15-30-40-A
  • Set results: 1st & 2nd set: 1 red LED digit (16 cm high digit) per player: from 0 to 7, 3rd set: 2 red LED digits (16 cm high digits) per player
  • For the programmable player name versions: Player names: 2 x 10 characters (12 cm high digits). The first player name can be used to display a moving message of up to 1000 characters. The second player name can be used to display a fixed message of up to 10 characters
  • Service side: 2 red LED arrows
  • Adjustable luminosity 9 luminosity levels
  • Readability: 60m

Available in the following types depending on planned usage:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor