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Timber PE balance bench

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Traditional timber lacquered PE balance benches manufactured in the UK to British Standards.

Price from: £270.00

* Discounts available on multiple purchases of certain configurations

Price from: £270.00

Full Description

Traditional timber PE balance benches made from solid timber.

Traditionally manufactured by Continental in the UK to British Standards in lacquered solid timber this bench is the UK standard in PE benches. Complete with rubber buttons to allow inverted use as a balance beam, and with non-marking rubber feet.

The bench is available in 3 standard lengths:

  • 1.8m (6') long - intended for primary use only
  • 2.7m (8'9") long - intended for use in a primary school or light to moderate activities in a secondary school
  • 3.4m (11") long - intended for secondary school or all adult use and all situations requiring heavy duty usage of the bench (e.g. adults or larger children jumping and landing on the bench)

The benches are available with durable nylon hooks at one or both ends to permit linking and bridging activities. The British Standard for these benches is to have hooks at one end.

  • Nylon bench hook
  • £11.00
  • White channel section
  • RUBBER0200
  • £3.50
  • Bench button
  • RUBBER0125
  • £1.50
  • Timber bench end leg
  • Z520ENDLEG
  • £25.00
  • Balance bench vertical stay "I" bracket
  • Z520VSTAY
  • £7.00