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Travelling spotting rig

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Travelling spotting rig for use with agility belts and twisting belts


Full Description

Designed to be used over a tumble track or a fasttrack, a travelling spotting rig consists of a pair of taught steel wires securely fixed into the structure of the building. Onto those wires are mounted a number of spotting rig systems on pulleys which run down the track as the gymnast progresses toward dismount. The rig itself is complete with overhead support wires, shackles and support brackets for attachment to steelwork.

PLEASE NOTE: the steel cables are under significant tension and there are likely to be structural implications on the building requiring the involvement of a structural engineer and the likely necessity to install secondary steelwork into the building.

Two alternative rig systems can be used with the travelling rig:

  • Ref:868B - Standard log line system similar to a trampoline spotting rig for use by a coach who runs down the side of the track with the gymnast.
  • Ref:868C - Bungee cable system which enables the user to progress down the track without a coach but the rig provides additional assistance to the gymnast and prevents uncontrolled descent from airborne tumbles

Each cable type requires either a tumbling belt or a twisting belt and a number of each type can be installed on the travelling rig system.

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