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Traverse panels for adventure parks

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Traversing wall panels for a variety of uses - practise strength and agility (and have some fun!)


Full Description

Traversing wall panels for use on a wall or attached to an aluminium truss frame for use in various areas for strength and agility training (and some fun!):

  • Gymnastics facilities
  • Trampoline parks
  • Adventure parks
  • Schools

We manufacture panels in two types:

  • Lacquered plywood panels with a matrix of steel inserts to allow the attachment and repositioning of a range of colourful traditional climbing wall holds.
  • High density polyethylene panels that incorporate HDPE holds that are less abrasive on hands than traditional holds and recessed foot spaces so that the panels can be used safely by users wearing socks

A maximum of 3m high (safe height for use without ropes) we position these panels above a resi-pit, or foam pit, or safety matting.