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TuffGuard basketball backboard padding - MATCHPLAY

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TuffGuard bolt-on padding to the underside and lower edges of matchplay basketball backboards. To suit matchplay size boards (1.8m x 1.05m)

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Full Description

It is a rule of the game of basketball that Matchplay backboards must be padded. (FIBA Official Basketball Rules 2014, Basketball Equipment, Rule 6)

We strongly recommend that backboard padding is therefore specified for all matchplay goals both in order to comply with the rules of the sport and on health and safety grounds.

If your backboards are padded according to the official rules, then injuries caused by contact with the board are less likely to arise and any subsequent claims arising from injury can be defended by highlighting full compliance with the rules set down by the worldwide governing body.

Continental Sports TuffGuard padding is manufactured with a steel insert embedded within the padding allowing the padding to be bolted securely to the backboard or steel framework. This means the padding cannot come away from the board unlike other pads which are simply glued on and that can come away from the board often at a critical time in a match!

We stock TuffGuard in RED as standard. We also have BLACK in limited quantities in stock - if you require black please contact us to confirm availability.

The price shown is supply only for one pair of pads to suit a standard 1.8m x 1.05m regulation backboard. When ordering please state whether your board is timber only, or timber with a steel framework, or cast acrylic as we supply mounting brackets to suit.

Should you wish to have Continental Sports' technicians install your Tuffguard, please contact us for a bespoke quotation.