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VaultBlox - removable, re-positionable vaulting obstacles for trampoline park main jumping areas

Price from: £365.00
Price from: £365.00

Full Description

Trampoline parks from Continental Sports LtdVaultBlox from Continental Sports - removable, re-positionable vault obstacles for trampoline parks.

VaultBlox are easily attached and removed - they Velcro round the pad they sit on. You don't need to go under the frame and each one takes only a couple of minutes to attach.

The VaultBlox are made from a solid foam constuction so are soft to land on if you fail to vault them! They are fully foam filled - a soft core with a firm outer "skin". They are not for standing on, but for vaulting / jumping over.

Ideal for a range of uses:

  • Something "new" in the main jump area - a different attraction to give regular visitors something new to do as an extra bit of fun / challenge
  • Fitness classes - use a series of 5 or 6 of them in a row so that you bounce over them in your class - a better challenge than simply bouncing from bed to bed
  • Segregation - to create a removable wall to keep an area clear for a party or for private hire
  • Toddler play - the small one is an ideal size for toddlers to clamber over - toddlers can't really bounce much so this gives them another activity to keep them having fun.

VaultBlox are available in two sizes:

  • small - 600mm high
  • large - 850mm high


  • VaultBlox have one colour in the centre and a different colour for the ends - choose any colours from our range of 22 PVCs.