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Vinyl floor socket caps

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Indoor sports socket caps for socketed gamesposts with a vinyl type floor (such as Gerflor). Including a magnetic cap removal tool


Full Description

This is the neatest way to provide concealed covers to socketed gamesposts, goals and rebound screens in a sports facility with a vinyl floor.

These bespoke manufactured drop in socket caps are designed for the following situation:

  • Sports floor is a roll out type foam backed vinyl floor such as Gerflor
  • Sports floor is directly onto concrete or screed (i.e. no area elastic sprung sub-floor underneath the vinyl)
  • Gamesposts, goals or rebound screens are socketed rather than anchored

We manufacture three diameters of socket cap to suit various requirements:

  • 34mm - to suit socketed badminton posts and rebound screen posts
  • 82mm - to suit socketed netball posts
  • 105mm - to suit socketed volleyball posts and socketed handball or futsal goals

We require water jet cut discs of the vinyl to be provided by the flooring contractor (or we can water-jet cut discs into a free-issued piece of the floor). We then machine a nylon drop-in cap for the large diameter sockets, and a steel drop in cap for the badminton post / rebound screen post sockets. The vinyl discs are then glued to the nylon or metal caps. The nylon caps include a metal insert so that the magentic removal tool can lift the caps.

We provide a cap removal tool with a magnetic tip that lifts the caps from the sockets.

Discussions are necessary to confirm the suitability of your floor for this situation and before we can provide a price which is dependant on whether we or the flooring contractor is providing the water-jet cut discs