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Performance trampolines positioned adjacent to a wall for wall walking / wall running


Full Description

Continental manufacture and install a complete performance trampoline area for walk-the-wall. This would typically include:

  • Competition performance trampolines - we only use our actual competition trampolines to ensure performance is as close to competition trampoline performance as possible. The trampolines are typically raised above standard height using bespoke height packers
  • Podium surrounding the trampolines
  • The wall - fully compliant with PAS 5000 we provide a wall with a height between 1200mm and 3000mm above the trampolines - we recommend a range of heights for different levels of skill. We provide a steel structure clad in timber which is at least 800mm wide (for PAS 5000 compliance)
  • Padding to the top surface of the wall for PAS 5000 compliance
  • Balustrade, handrail and netting - to the back of the wall to reduce the risk of injury from falling off the wall to participants who may land and over-rotate on landing.
  • Wall surface - we offer a range of wall surfaces - we find that beginners prefer the confidence boost from padded walls, intermediates prefer the extra assistance provided by our hi-friction phenolic coated ply, and experts prefer pure plain plywood
  • FIG approved 200mm thick landing mats around the trampolines extending at least 2m from the edge of the trampoline that is away from the wall
  • Coverall pads to cover the frame and springs

We manufacture our performance trampoline web beds in-house and can provide bespoke options. Our default option for trampoline parks is 13mm black webbing, but we also offer white, red, yellow, blue and orange and can provide any colour subject to a minimum order quantity.