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Wall anchors for indoor goals

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Wall anchored goal securing system for indoor goals. Always ensure your goals are secure and safe to use

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Full Description

Indoor goals must be secured when in use to prevent the goals toppling onto people

This wall fixed securing system is the quickest, least obtrusive method to secure the following Continental inoor goals:

  • Five-a-side
  • Hockey
  • Handball

A removable eyebolt is chemically fixed into the wall over 2m above floor level and a pvc coated steel cable is clipped to the using a karibiner which then attaches to a loop on the crossbar of the goal using another karibiner.

Price is for a pair of wall anchors to suit one pair of goals.

This sytem requires a solid wall structure behind the centre of the goals at a height of 2m above the floor. If you do not have such a wall - for example if you have glazing, storerooms, exit doors or similar behind your goals, you must use our alternative floor anchor system.