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Yurchenko springboard surround - standard training

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PVC covered foam surround to provide additional protection around the springboard for handspring style vaults

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Full Description

The Yurchenko sprinngboard collar is a PVC covered foam safety device to fit around all standard size gymnastics springboards

This standard training model is light and quick and easy to add or remove to your springboard. If you require FIG compliance we also manufacture an FIG spec version of our Yurchenko surround.

The standard training model is 300mm wide at the front edge to provide a longer area of protection when compared to the 200mm width of the FIG specification.

The standard training model fits snugly around the springboard with no gaps to avoid any finger traps. The FIG spec model meets the FIG's requirements to have a 30mm gap between the board and the surround to permit air to escape as the springboard is compressed.