Exercise mats, safety mats and others. Manufactured in house by Continental our wide range of mats includes a mat ideal for any landing situations, exercise situations or combat situations

As a UK based manufacturer we make your mats to order and have a wide range of colour options to suit your exact requirements.  Please see our PVC colour range here.

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Safety "crash" mat with a blue canvas cover

Safety mat / "crash" mat


Safety mat for landing.  Also known as "crash" mats.  Available in a range of sizes, thicknesses, colours and covers.

Price from: £156.00


PE mats - lightweight "Lytamat"


"Lytamat" lightweight exercise / PE mats

Price from: £47.00

Agility mat roll with a PVC cover

Agility mats


Agility mats.  Available as individual mats or roll-up runway mats. Chipfoam core with PVC or canvas cover.

Price from: £60.00

Polyblend mats

PE mats - midweight "Polyblend" mats


Polyblend exercise mat.  A mid-weight mat between a Lytamat and a Deluxe Chipfoam mat.

Price from: £52.00

Deluxe chipfoam PE mats

PE mats - deluxe chipfoam


Chipfoam "deluxe" exercise mats

Price from: £39.00

Multipurpose judo / gym / wrestling mat

Multipurpose judo / gym / wrestling mat


A multipurpose exercise mat - cross between a judo mat and an exercise mat - designed for judo, gymnastics and wrestling and all similar activities.

Price from: £86.00

Geometric mats

PE mats - Geometric shape mats


Geometric mats. Four different colour-coded shapes for learning and exercise

Price from: £47.00

3-Gate Mat System

3-Gate Mat System


Climbing frame mats to suit the Continental 3-gate Foldaway steel climbing frame

Price from: £439.00

Tribond carpet surface matting rolls

Tribond carpet surface matting rolls


Carpet surface runway mats.  Carpet surface on a 30mm foam base.  Ideal for gymnastics activities.  Can be attached with Velcro to create exercise areas.  2m wide and any length up to 30m!

Price from: £77.00

Judo mat frame system

Judo mat frame system


Judo area frame designed for permanent dojo areas

Price from: £17.00

Showing 1 to 10 of 18 products.

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