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AirTrack+ sealed airtrack tumbling piste with flat surface. Does not need permanently attached blower!

Price from: £3,962.00
Price from: £3,962.00

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Continental is delighted to offer the AirTrack+ from PE-Redskaber.

Continental have offered a standard AirTrack for many years. The standard AirTrack is perfect for many gymnastics clubs, but it has an undulating surface and requires a blower to be attached permanently as it is not airtight.

The AirTrack+ has a flat, firm top surface to provide a similar response to a high performance carbon fibre rod track. It is a sealed unit which does not need the blower to be attached permanently. The blower is used for initial inflation and then for topping up as required depending on usage.

The AirTrack+ is 2.8m wide, 330mm thick and is available in 6 standard lengths:

  • 7.5m 
  • 9m 
  • 12m 
  • 15m 
  • 18m 
  • 20m

Due to its market leading 330mm thickness, the Airtrack+ can be used directly on hard floors such as sports hall floors. We also offer a smaller Aitrack200+ which is 200mm thick and 2m wide as an entry level air tumbling product but that track must be used on a suitably cushioned surface.

When left unused for a long period (such as overnight) the AirTrack+should be deflated both to relieve the pressure on the track and to prevent unauthorised usage.

We offer a Hitachi electric band blower with a special modification to suit the valve on this track which is ideal for inflation (and assisted deflation). The hand blower is the same as the one to suit our Flip Machine and AirSpring mats and must be purchased in addition to the track if you do not already have one.

The video below shows the incredible Airtrack+ in use: