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Angled boot wipers

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Angled boot wipers for 2 or 3 people. Freestanding, floor fixed or socketed versions.

Price from: £454.10
Price from: £454.10

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Deluxe angled boot wipers

The angled brushes are designed to prevent excessive wear as users are less likely to rest body-weight on the brush

Angled brushes make it easier to clean boots and shoes when removing soil.

Two widths are available:

  • 2 person station
  • 3 person station

Available in three types:

  • Freestanding - with weighted floor plates
  • Floor fixed - designed to be bolted to solid ground such as a concrete slab or paving stones
  • Socketed - sockets are supplied to be set into turf or into concrete under the ground


  • Brushes are each 265mm long x 65mm wide with 47mm long polypropylene black bristles.
  • Brushes are made from hard wearing weatherproof beech timber.
  • Manufactured from 50.8mm diameter steel.
  • Polyester powder coated matt black.

PLEASE NOTE: Brushes are wearable items and are replaceable