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Basketball 24-second shot clocks - SC24 TSP

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A pair of shot clocks with time repeater. Require a compatible Continental scoreboard to operate

Price from: £3,495.00
Price from: £3,495.00

Full Description

Larger SC 24 TSP model shot clocks for integrated operation with a Continental scoreboard. These are radio frequency controlled clocks and are operated by the same control panel that controls the scoreboard.

These clocks must be mounted on the basketball goals on a bracket behind the backboard. For backboard mounting the additional support brackets must be purchased.

Each clock has an integrated horn and a main match time repeater clock.

Available with two power options:

  • Mains - a 13amp supply must be provided in the location of each clock
  • Battery - requires the clocks to be removed and the integral battery to be charged after each game


  • Dimensions: 840 x 570 x 90mm
  • Digit height: 25 and 16cm