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Basketball goals - hydraulic height adjustment

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Height adjustable baketball goals. Available on all versions of our practice or matchplay backboards. Provides junior (2.6m) and senior (3.05m) ring height basketball.


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Basketball goals often benefit from a height adjustment facility which enables play with a ring height of 3.05m (standard basketball) or 2.6m (junior basketball).

Most facilities have fixed height rings on their matchplay goals unless they will be hosting competitive basketball below U14 when junior height rings will be necessary. Most facilities provide height adjustment on at least one of their pairs of practice basketball goals - and typically on all of them - to provide flexibility for their own users and also to provide a facility that will be attractive to the widest range of potential hirers.

Continental's height adjustment functionality uses a pair of hydraulic rams to assist the user in easily positioning the board and ring at the two heights. The hydraulic system means the user does not need to bear the whole weight of the board as the hydraulics offer assistance to lift or lower the ring. At the same time the hydraulics offer resistance to hold the ring in the chosen position once selected.

Hydraulic height adjustment can be specified on:

  • matchplay or practice boards
  • fixed projection goals
  • sideways hinged goals
  • wall fixed upward folding goals
  • roof retractable goals

The board is lowered and raised using the supplied sash hook pole.

PLEASE NOTE: the lower height is for junior basketball only. Wheelchair basketball is an activity that takes place with the rings at standard 3.05m height.

The video below shows how to move the goals between senior and junior heights using the supplied sash hook: