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Basketball goals - Matchplay - Roof retractable type - Single boom

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Roof retractable matchplay basketball goals. Single boom electrically winched


Full Description


Roof retractable basketball goals are supported from steelwork within the roof structure and are stored within the roof. They are lowered by winch down to the operational height.

All goals are manufactured from heavy duty tubular steelwork frames to accommodate the backboards. Steelwork is epoxy powder coated in either grey or white to your specification (other colours are available).

Options include:

Winch system

  • Hand winch - Each goal operates independently from its own wall mounted, ratcheted hand winch.
  • Electric winch - single phase. The goals are arranged each with their own single phase electric winch. These winches are durable robust winches suitable to lift one goal. We offer a standard 1 year warranty on single phase winches.
  • Electric winch - 3-phase. The goals are arranged to operate simultaneously as a pair from one roof mounted electronic winch. We use only a 3-phase heavy duty electronic motor to power the winch system. A 3-phase motor is more durable than single-phase one, will last longer and permits the micro-adjustment required to ensure accurate operation. This is a VERY low maintenance winch on which we are able to offer a 10 YEAR WARRANTY


  • Remote control - radio-frequency key-fob operated control
  • Wall fixed control panel operation


  • Laminated timber matchplay size (1.8m x 1.05m) backboard.
  • Cast acrylic matchplay size (1.8m x 1.05m) backboard (acrylic is 100% recycled content with no virgin plastic)
  • Backboard protection padding - we supply "bolt-on" extremely durable TuffGuard padding in red


  • Standard basketball fixed ring
  • Pressure release - slam dunk - ring
  • Pro-Action 180 degree FIBA approved Slam Dunk ring

Height adjustment

  • Available with an optional hydraulically assisted height adjustment facility to provide standard (3.05m) and junior (2.6m) ring heights


  • Optional freefall safety device. Also known as a load arrestor, this device operates in the unlikely event of a cable or winch failure to prevent freefall of the goals. We use a heavy duty, high specification load arrestor which is more than suitable for the requirements. This item is not a legal requirement in the UK but it is in Germany and other countries.