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Basketball goals - Matchplay - Wall fixed - Sideways hinged

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Wall hinged matchplay basketall goals. Fold-away, manually operated


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Wall mounted matchplay basketball goals which can be designed to fold away in either direction. Available in projections from 0.6m up to 4.5m.

The "standard" projection of a goal in typical sports halls is:

  • 3.7m in a 33m long hall with a 28m long centrally located basketball court
  • 4.45m in a 34.5m long hall with a 28m long centrally located basketball court

Stabiliser wires fixed to the wall at high level are required on goals above a projection of 3.5m to provide additional stability when in use.

The goal is opened and closed manually using a sash hook provided for that purpose and locked into the play position with a sprung loaded locating pin.

For all projections of 1.2m and over a high-strength magnetic keep bracket is incorporated to hold the goal securely in the stored position when the goal is not in use.

Options include:

  • Fixed height or height adjustable - Fixed height or adjustable height boards are available. Adjustable height boards are suitable to provide junior or mini basketball as well as competition basketball - ring heights achieved by adjustable height goals are 3.05m and 2.6m.
  • Matchplay size backboards (1.8m x 1.05m) can be timber or clear cast acrylic (our acrylic is 100% recycled content with no virgin plastic)
  • Ring type - standard basketball rings are fixed. However we also offer pressure release slam dunk - rings and FIBA approved rings.
  • Backboard protection padding - we supply "bolt-on" TuffGuard

For facilities wishing to play basketball at a higher level, we offer a FIBA Level 2 certified goal with tempered glass backboards