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Basketball goals - Matchplay - wall fixed, upward folding

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NEW from Continental - electrically winched wall fixed, upward folding basketball goals


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Wall mounted matchplay basketball goals with a single phase electric winch to hoist the goals to the stored position against the wall. These goals are ideal in situations where a clash with a viewing gallery, cricket netting, or other obstacle on the wall is to be avoided.

Available in projections from 1.2m up to 4.5m from the wall to the backboard. The "standard" projection of a goal in a 33m long hall with a 28m long basketball court is 3.7m.

The goal is hoisted using a wall mounted single phase electric winch which is operated by your choice of a remote control keyfob or a wireless battery operated wall fixed control panel.

Secondary steelwork is necessary (by others) to support these goals.

Options include:

  • Matchplay size backboards (1.8m x 1.05m) in laminated timber or clear cast acrylic (acrylic is 100% recycled content with no virgin plastic)
  • Ring type - standard basketball rings are fixed. However we also offer pressure release slam dunk-rings, both standard forward breaking or 180 degree FIBA approved dunk-rings.
  • Backboard protection padding - we supply "bolt-on" TuffGuard
  • Load arrestor - freefall safety device to prevent uncontrolled freefall of the goal in case of failure of the winch cable and both supporting steel chains.
  • For basketball centres requiring FIBA certification, we are pleased to offer a version of these goals with tempered glass backboards and a FIBA 2 certificate.

The video below shows the goals moving from the play to the stored position - after just one click on the keyfob remote: