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Basketball goals - Practice - Wall fixed sideways hinged

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Wall fixed sideways hinged practice basketball goals. Fixed height or hydraulically assisted height adjustable


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Manufactured in a similar way to our sideways hinged matchplay basketball goals but with practice sized (1.2m x 0.9m) backboards these goals enable shooting practice to incorporate "lay-ups" by having a projection of 1.2m (or more) but can then be folded back to prevent them becoming an obstacle to other sports.

These goals are available in any projection from 0.6m to 3m. Standard / typical projections are:

  • 1.2m which is the distance from the baseline of a basketball court to the board on a standard court so this projection provides realistic practice of lay-ups
  • 2.2m which is sometimes used on smaller halls to provide a 1m run-off behind a shortened court with a projection of 1.2m into the court

The goal has the following options:

  • Fixed height or hydraulically assisted height adjustable - Adjustable height boards are suitable to provide junior or mini basketball as well as senior ring height - ring heights achieved by adjustable height goals are 3.05m and 2.6m.
  • Timber or Clear Cast Acrylic (our acrylic is 100% recycled content with no virgin plastic)
  • Backboard padding - The same TuffGuard padding as our matchplay goals but in a smaller 1.2m wide version.