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Bowlers end backstop cricket nets

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Backstop nets for indoor cricket practice. Required for ECB compliance and on health and safety grounds.


Full Description

Bowler's end backstop netting is a required element of an indoor cricket practice netting arrangement. They form part of the guidance from ECB for the provision of indoor cricket practice netting.

They form various purposes:

  • They provide a 3.5m high canvas sightscreen to assist the batsmen in seeing the ball
  • They prevent well struck balls from hitting and potentially damaging the end wall of your sports hall
  • They prevent balls hitting the back wall and ricocheting back off the wall and hitting other bowlers or batsmen who are padding up

We regularly see specifictions written that state "cricket practice netting" and don't specifically state a backstop net is required. It is essential to refer to a backstop net being required when writing specification documents to ensure this key safety feature is included in your faciltiy.

The backstop net is typically approximately 2m wider than the overall width of your practice net lanes - so for one double bay batsman's end net (i.e. two lanes) with an overall width of 7.2m the backstop net would be part width of the hall at approximately 9m wide. If your hall has two double bay batsman's end nets then the backstop net would typically be full width (approximately 18m to 20m)