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Indoor cricket practice netting

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Indoor cricket netting. Retractable netting for indoor cricket practice


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Continental design, manufacture and install indoor cricket practice netting in schools, universities, leisure centres and bespoke indoor cricket facilities across the UK. Supporting trackway is manufactured to Continental's own design from heavy duty box section extruded aluminium. The design of the trackway enables us to install cricket nets into sports halls with widely differing roof structures.

The netting is supported by heavy duty runners to provide smooth deployment and storage.

Top quality nylon nets are provided and canvas sight screens are incorporated to shield the batsmen from distractions and to enhance vision of the ball.

All netting can be provided to flame retardant specification BS 5872, Part 2, 1980 type A and B performance.

Cricket bay arrangement is bespoke to suit your requirements, but typical batsman's end arrangements include:

  • single bay - this is not common as economically it is more sensible to purchase a double bay for a modest incremental cost, but double the capacity
  • double bay - the most popular provision in schools
  • triple bay - provides the opportunity to have ceiling mounted retractable basketball goals hinge down through the space between the central two runs of trackway
  • two double bays - easier to pull out and put away than a quad bay, and offering more flexibility in the use of the hall than wider bays. One of the double bays can often require trackway curves to store the netting away from wall hinged basketball goals
  • quad or quin bays - the widest single set of nets we have installed is a five bay arrangement which requires 4 or 5 people to pull out or retract, but functions perfectly well

At the bowlers' end we always recommend (and ECB guidance requires) a backstop net which provides:

  • a sightscreen to enable batsmen to see the ball more clearly
  • a barrier to prevent well driven balls damaging the end wall
  • protection to bowlers from balls that might otherwise ricochet off the end wall and strike other bowlers

Design features that can be incorporated to achieve the optimum layout include:

  • trackway crossovers to permit perpendicular trackway from division netting to pass thrugh the cricket netting
  • trackway curves to steer the netting to the best storage location in the hall - perhaps even into a recessed storage cupboard

Bays can be any width to suit your facility and requirements:

  • traditional 3m wide school bays in school size sports halls
  • ECB compliant 3.66m wide bays
  • any width up to the maximum ECB approved width of 4.5m.

Net storage options include:

  • heavy duty PVC storage envelopes. Wall fixed pouches to protect and keep nets clean when not in use whilst at the same time avoiding interference with other activities. Available in a wide range of colours to suit your hall
  • roof mounted storage cradles. For halls where wall storage is not possible (some types of hipped roof, or if bleacher seating is present) we can supply roof mounted electrically operated storage cradles. Available in a wide range of colours to suit your hall

Please call to discuss your requirements. Once we have all the information we need which will include architects drawings of your sports hall, we will provide advice on the optimal layout and a firm quotation for supply and installation of your cricket netting.