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Sports hall netting storage solutions

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We provide design advice and solutions on how to facilitate the storage of cricket and division netting in your sports hall


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As the UK's largest manufacturer and installer of sports hall equipment, we have experienced a huge number of bespoke situations needed innovative as well as tried and tested solutions to enabling division netting, cricket netting, archery netting, protection netting and similar in sports halls to be stored efficiently.

We can move netting storage locations using curves in the aluminium trackway to avoid doors, windows and other obstacles or to move the netting to a recess or cupboard netting store area.

We have provided advice and desing guidance on storing netting:

  • Located outside the hall to leave walls clear
  • Inside cupboards and alcoves for aesthetic reasons
  • In retractable cradles to leave viewing galleries and windows clear
  • Away from the natural end of the trackway to avoid storerooms, doors, and similar obstacles

Our design teams can assist - and we probably have precedent drawings and photographs we can share with you to help in your design layout.

Please call and ask to speak to one our our Technical Sales team - we are here to help so you don't have to reinvent a solution we already have.