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Canvas floor protection druggets

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Functional floor protection to protect sports hall flooring during use for exams - priced PER SQUARE METRE and available in any size. All druggets now include ANTI-SLIP BASE AS STANDARD

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The traditional sports hall floor protection method.

We only use the hardest wearing material for our druggets specially developed for floor coverings - natural flax canvas. This material is significantly harder wearing than the alternative of cotton canvas. The material is also durably fire retardant - this means the fabric is not treated or impregnated with fire retardant chemicals which can wash or wear out, but that the flax is inherently fire retardant in its natural state.

One standard colour is available - a neutral "Oatmeal" colour with a dirt resistant speckled appearance from the natural colour of the flax. Depending on the season the flax is cut, the colour can vary over a range of green / brown.

These druggets are ideal for protecting your sports hall floor during examinations or for assemblies.

Supplied in sections with selvedged edges with sewn in VELCRO® to attach to the next section.

Each section is supplied in its own protective bag to enable easy storage.

For a standard 33m x 18m hall we can provide 6 pieces each 5.5m x 18m which weigh approximately 54kg each. We can manufacture the druggets in other dimensions to suit your specific requirements. Please call to discuss the optimal layout for your facility.

For other shapes and sizes we can accommodate most requests. We recommend each piece should weigh between 50kg-65kg to be manageable by two people and we will recommend the best dimensions for each piece, taking account of the shape of your room and the above weight guidelines. Please contact us and we can advise on the optimal layout of your druggets. We ensure that the pieces are sufficiently manageable so that they are easily rolled into place by one person (although carrying the heavy pieces may best be done by two people).

When ordering, please let us know if you have any special requirements (e.g. maximum width of each piece, maximum weight of each piece, or if you want to be able to cover say exactly half the hall as well as the full hall etc.). There may be an additional charge if you require a significantly larger number of pieces than we would recommend.

Price shown is PER SQUARE METRE - when ordering, a typical 4-badminton court sports hall measures 33m x 18m = 594m2 so please put 594 in the quantity box.

Anti-slip base as standard - we used to offer a standard drugget and an optional anti-slip base, but in the face of customer damend, we now only offer the anti-slip verision. To create the anti-slip we apply a matrix of tiny (almost invisible) clear rubber dots to the underside of the fabrice (there is a close up photo in the series of images above). This anti-slip base is designed to hold even the smallest section of drugget firmly in place and to limit any movement of it. Please note that over time dust may reduce the effectiveness of this treatment.

The druggets should be stored in the PVC bags provided, and those bags can be stored on a trolley if required. We recommend our heavy duty flooring protection product trolley which should be ordered separately - see the accessories tab above.