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Climbing ropes for wall hinged rope frames

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Climbing ropes for wall hinged rope frames. Plain climbing ropes or "knotted" which incorporate a series of Turk's head knots

Price from: £60.00
Price from: £60.00

Full Description

The price shown for wall hinged rope frames is the plain frame without any climbing accessories.

These climbing ropes are designed to suit either the 3m or 3.66m frames.

Each rope takes up ONE suspension point (we recommend 4 suspension points for the 3m frame and 5 suspension points for the 3.66m frame).

Two rope sizes:

  • 3.5" (9cm) circumference - recommended for primary age children
  • 4.5" (11.5cm) circumference - recommended for secondary age children and adults

Two rope types:

  • plain - hemp climbing rope
  • "knotted" - plain hemp climbing rope with Turk's head knots woven into the rope to assist with climbing