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Fire alarm call point padding

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Call-point pads to suit semi-recessed call points. Cushioned padding to reduce risk of collision accidents and to reduce risk of damage or accidental triggering.

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Full Description

Fire alarm call point paddingWe are regularly asked how to reconcile the Sport England guidance to have flush walls in a sports hall with the requirement for alarm call points to be visible.

Sport England have provided guidance on their website and a suggested design for padding to suit semi-recessed alarm call points - please click the image to the right to download that advice - and Continental Sports is now pleased to offer a compliant pad "off-the-shelf".

It is important to protect sports hall users from injury by not having fittings protruding from the walls whilst also complying with existing British Standards which state that call points should be positioned in a way that ensures they can be readily seen from the side. There are a number of potential solutions to this including the use of an MEA Stopper, however the use of the Stopper may not be suitable because whilst it is designed to resist vandalism:

  • There is no clear information with regard to high speed impact or protecting afforded to users through impact (in addition to protection of the call point which is the primary purpose of the stopper).
  • The product increases the projection into the hall space.

Sport England therefore suggest a design for a HDPE surround. Continental have taken that design and have manufactured a pre-molded urethane pad with screw fixing holes which offers protection to users and the call points themselves. It is made in hi-visibility red to match fire call points.

Each pad is supplied with 4 screws and plugs and the pads feature integral metal ferrules to prevent distortion while fixing.

Continental's call point pads are 250mm x 250mm overall with a 100mm x 100mm x 30mm deep opening to accept most semi-recessed call points.