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Sports hall fire exit door padding

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Safety padding to recessed fire doors for sports halls. Reduce the risk of injury from collisions with door ironmongery in your sports hall


Full Description

Sport England guidelines suggest that walls should be flush to reduce the risk of injuries from collisions. Sometimes that is not possible and a recess is necessary to house externally opening fire doors.

Fire doors also require push bars which may result in a protruding injury risk to users in the event of collision.

From a usability perspective a recess also provides a trap area where five a side balls bay become stuck whilst being chased by two players.

We offer a solution to partially infill the recess on your fire door with foam pads. The pads use a combination of soft foam, firm resilient foam, a PVC cover and a timber backing board. The pads are fixed to the fire door using VELCRO® fasteners that fix onto bearers fixed to the doors.

Available in 28 different colours of PVC to suit your facility or house colours: PVC Colour Chart

The pads are fixed to allow access to the push bar opener and have space around them to ensure the door operation and surrounding auto-closers and alarm sensors are unhindered 

The padding is typically up to 300mm thick which reduces the typical recess in front of the door significatly whilst still allowing easy access to the push-bar opener