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Floor mounted spotting rig

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Floor mounted trampoline spotting rig for situations where roof fixed spotting rigs can not be accommodated

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Full Description

There are certain situations where a roof mounted spotting rig is not possible to install:

  • Roof construction is not sufficiently strong to suit a rig
  • Geometry of the layout and height of the building does not allow a roof mounted rig to function
  • Installation of secondary steelwork in the roofspace is not possible or cost-effective

For these situations we offer a floor mounted rig comprising an epoxy powder coated steel frame that is secured in position using four gymnastics floor anchors with tensioned support cables.

At the top of the rig are located a three-pulley system with a log line tie-off onto a low level cleat fixed to one of the uprights.

The rig can be used with a tumbling, twisting or air twisting ring.

The rig is approximately 6m high and is mainly designed for use with recessed pit mounted trampolines, but can be used with above ground freestanding trampolines if the resulting clear height is suitable for your requirements.

The system is supplied with the steel structure, two base feed boards, a set of support cables, pulleys and log-line. The price DOES NOT INCLUDE your choice of belt which must be purchased separately, or the necessary 4 floor anchors which Continental technicians can install to suit your floor construction.